Why do bootcamps work?


There are lots of reasons that bootcamps are so popular and so successful at getting people back into fitness, healthy living and weightloss.

  • Fast results – this short, sharp success spurs people on to continue to achieve even more afterwards
  • Working out in groups works – people typically work harder and longer with peer pressure!
  • You’re not alone – bootcamps provide social support, everyone else is going through the same shared pain & journey
  • Exercising outdoors – it’s inspiring, and people work harder when the environment is fun and changing
  • Discipline – getting up early to exercise is empowering and gives you more energy through the day
  • Nutrition – bootcamps control calories & excite your tastebuds, retraining your body into proper portions & healthy food options for the longer term
  • Trainers – tough, fun, challenging, supportive and you really build strong relationships as you rely on them for motivation for 6 hours a day. Trainers make a huge difference!
  • Confidence building – seeing fast results in you and others is incredibly good for confidence
  • Safety – you’re in an environment of supportive people not the general public. If you hate training in gyms because of all the “fit” people then bootcamps overcome this
  • Muscle tone – bootcamps aren’t about running around as much as building muscle and tone. This increases your metabolism and changes your shape
  • Ever changing exercise – boredom is the key factor in people dropping out of fitness quickly!
  • Results – that’s what people want and thats what they get. Results results results – guaranteed!