Smart Body Change Camp – Hypoxi training

Country: Bulgaria

Nearest city: Varna

Who for: Mixed sex

Duration: Week

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I feel better in my body and in my soul - Milena

Hypoxi- you must try it! You will definitely like it! - Sonya


Struggle to lose fat on those problem areas of abdomen, waist, buttocks, hips and thighs?

Smart Body Change Camp in Bulgaria invites you try a very unique and effective HiTech Esthetic Camp.

This camp uses the HYPOXI-Method® which combines natural holistic methods with moderate training in equipment that shifts between negative and positive pressure. This change in pressure & circulation as you train forces the body to shed stubborn local fat deposits in typical “apple” and “pear” body shapes, using them as energy fuel.

You’ll have Hypoxi training twice a day & a special Hypoxi eating regiment.

The result?

  • your metabolism speeds up
  • your body shapes up by losing centimetres from the targeted body parts
  • further slimming once you’ve left us

You’ll also enjoy Tabata training, beach training, swimming, water gymnastics, archery, golf and other activities and luxurious apartment living on the beach.



Where you'll stay

Smart Body Change Camp is located at Thracian Cliffs Resort, in Kavarna, Bulgaria. Thracian Cliffs Resort has been voted as the European Golf Resort of the Year 2014. Each of the apartments has a wonderful panoramic view of the sea, as well as beds with Egyptian cotton bed linen, vast living space, LCD television, wireless internet and a fully equipped kitchenette.