TEAM Bootcamp

Area: Leicestershire

Nearest city: Grantham

Who for: Mixed sex



TEAM Bootcamp offers a revolutionary 3D Fitness Boot Camp approach that gets GREAT results! Our incredibly effective approach will ensure you never feel hungry and avoid injury. We don’t just starve you and run you into the ground!

TEAM Bootcamp UK infuse sports science and nutrition with an expert military boot camp approach, helping you to Think, Eat & Move Better.

No other UK Boot Camp schedules dedicated rest period within their program to allow the body to rest and recover in order to adapt and get fitter and leaner. TEAM Bootcamp do!

  • Rapid, sustainable weight loss – Average 6-12 lbs weight loss in a week on TEAM Bootcamp
  • Paleo nutrition – No tasteless diet food & without starving you
  • Active recovery periods to prevent fatigue & reduce injury
  • Fun & varied fitness sessions from boot camp circuit training to Pilates, Yoga & boxing
  • The UK’s best boot camp instructors

TEAM Bootcamp UK are the best boot camp as we dare to go where no other UK boot camp has been before.

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