Elevation training on bootcamp


So what is this weird look & why will it help fitness & weight loss?

It’s Diaphragm Resistance Technology used on a special Multisport bootcamp in Bulgaria. It simulates training at different altitudes (from 914 m to 5791 m above sea level) to improve overall fitness, breathing capacity and heart health, whilst stimulating erythropoiesis, enhancing stamina, strengthening the immune system and speeding up regeneration!

Also on this bootcamp you will do kayaking, Tabata, archery, hiking, beach training (and at night by torchlight!) with golf, tennis and clay pigeon shooting also available. Seashore location and super luxury apartment accommodation in Bulgaria. Truly something new in the bootcamp industry!

And as a bonus on this camp you’ll get Bodymetrix ultrasound measuring and access to the spa and hamman!

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