Fabulous prices for new 9 day and 12 day bootcamps with Hillmotts Retreat

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Hillmotts Retreat Bootcamps are all about education – we want to teach you to train more effectively & eat healthily”

Enjoy the wonderful countryside that England has to offer and experience a mixture of outdoor and indoor training including long hikes, tabata, group games, zumba, kick boxing and circuit training then have Fridays off to rest!

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Hillmotts’ prices for 9 day bootcamps

£1049 sole occupancy

£769 twin room

£719 triple room

£649 mixed quad room (Cotswolds only)

Hillmotts’ prices for 12 days 

£1349 Sole Occupancy

£979 Twin female

£899 Triple female

£839 Mixed Quad room mixed