Do you own or run bootcamps?

No. Bootcampdeals has no involvement in any individual bootcamp. We act as a recommendation and referral site for any professional UK, European or other bootcamp that wants to be featured on our website for visitors to explore & discover their services.

Do you take a deposit?

No. We liaise with bootcamps to find the perfect dates and operator for you, and negotiate a price. Once we have everything confirmed and you would like to go ahead we pass your details to the operator. They pay us a small referral commission from the money you pay to them.

What happens if the details here are wrong?

We try to keep all details as accurate as possible however each bootcamp is responsible for the accuracy of their details on our site. We apologise if anything is out of date – please let us know so we can correct it.

How do I find the right bootcamp for me?

Either search the website or simply email us help@bootcampdeals.co.uk with what you’re looking for, or ideas you have, or call 0203 289 7557.