Muslim women and fitness boot camps

Muslim women and fitness

Muslim women and fitness boot camps are a great combination – some operators we work with are able to adapt the food and programme specifically to enable them to get the fitness training that they want & love.

We have had a whole family train for 14 days in the North of England, visiting from Kuwait specifically to lose weight and get fit with one of the UK’s best operators.

That’s why we loved this article this week from Canada that showcases 4 Muslim women and fitness regimes – and how they are combatting stereotypes in Canada.

“The people who are working out, they think it’s a girl with a hijab, she probably doesn’t know much….But when they see you working out, you can tell from their face they have a totally different perspective.”

“I can still do all this stuff with my hijab, and show other women that it is possible. You don’t have to give up your deen (faith), or you don’t have to give up your values, in order to excel.”

Read their stories in the Huffington Post here.