What are your New Year resolutions?

New Year New You Concept

Research shows that there’s an increase of 33-50% in gym use at the start of every year, but 80% of the crowd drop off by the second week of February. Meaning only 20% remain.

WHY? Because even with the best intentions, just dragging yourself to the gym does not teach you fitness skills, or give you a programme just for you, or tackle your nutrition, or motivate you, change your mindset or inspiration. And there’s no company! So is it any wonder people drop out?

Bootcamps are successful because in one week or a long weekend they tackle not just your fitness BUT ALL THE OTHER THINGS YOU NEED TO SUCCEED.

Don’t look at bootcamp as a one off thing. You WILL learn skills to get you through the year. And beyond. Life skills for a healthy, active life.

Whether you join the gym or not! Book today. We promise it will be transformational.