New year’s resolutions…how to STICK to yours!

January 01 written on a calendar to remind you an important appointment.


Do you have trouble sticking to a New Year’s resolution?

It might help to start with two questions: “Why don’t I do this already?” and “Why do I feel the need to do this now?

The first question is practical; it seeks the barrier.
The second is emotional; it seeks the motivation necessary to remove the barrier.

For example, if your resolution is to do more exercise every week, you could find it very helpful to have a closer look at why you aren’t already doing enough exercise each week – maybe you’re bound to long days at work with a long commute that leave you too tired at the end of the day. Or perhaps you have the time but not the motivation to get started.

Knowing what it is that’s stopping you from doing something is a great first step when it comes to changing behaviour.

So, now you know your ‘barrier’, asking yourself ‘why do I need to do this now?‘ will give you some really great reasons that will keep you motivated. For example, your ‘why now?’ reasons might be something like…

  • I need to be fitter so that I can stay healthy because I have children who rely on me
  • I really want to be in a great shape before the Summer starts so that I can feel confident and excited and join in with all the things I’ve always avoided because of my weight
  • I want to be stronger so that my back hurts less
  • I need to have more energy so I can do more with my family
  • I want to wear that gorgeous dress I’ve had in my wardrobe forever but have never been able to fit in to

Whatever your reasons for wanting to do something, write them down. In full. Be clear and specific about WHY you want something, then stick the list on the fridge, or on your mirror or anywhere that you’re likely to see it several times per day.

These reasons – YOUR reasons – are the most powerful motivators for change.

Just remember to keep trying everyday to be a little bit better than yesterday. If you have a bad/lazy/cake-filled weekend don’t worry! Don’t give up or beat yourself up, just start the new day afresh, look at your list of reasons WHY and try again.

Change is the result of a few small things done every day.