Setting up your details

We are trying to set up basic details to save you time.

Here’s what to do next

1) HAVE A LOOK : If we have added your details they will be on the links in the footer at the bottom of this page. CLICK TO VIEW THEM.

And don’t worry the site is still being built and corrected in it’s layout!

2) PHOTOS : We have had to copy photos from websites and fit them to our gallery size (615 * 350 pixels) which has resulted in some loss of integrity and pixelation on many. You will see this on your listing.

Also we may not have picked the best photos you want to use (5 for accommodation per location, 5 for food and up to 20 general training/bootcamp ones per location you have).

You can send us NEW photos via dropbox or email, but they must be the right size please and nothing over 500kb in size! We will happily then delete what you have currently and add the ones you give us or let us know which to keep or swap.

If you’d like to send us a logo to use instead of the one we have put up, it should be 152 * 113 pixels.

3) TEXT : We’ve taken basic text from your website where we could easily find it. If you’d like to change it we can give you your login username and password to do it yourself or just send us the complete new text and we will change it over. You can see the different text fields on your listing eg. main text, accommodation, typical day, food

4) VIDEOS : If you don’t like the one we’ve used let us know the link for up to 2 promotional videos you can showcase per location

5) TESTIMONIALS : Please send us your results to feature and success stories but we need the FULL details to use

2 case studies : Name     Sex     Age   Weight loss (lbs) Weight loss (kgs)  How long they were on bootcamp

2 testimonials  : Name    Age    Up to 10 words of testimonial, no more

6) PRICES, OPTIONS and LOCATIONS : Please check we have got these right and let us know any changes.

7) ACTIVITIES : We need to know what activities you offer on your different bootcamps and locations

Please send us a comprehensive list eg

Ropes course
Stand up boarding
Team games

8) PRESS LINKS : Send us an image, 30 words quote from your latest press and a link to the full article online or on your website.

We have over 200 pages of complex information and galleries to make correct for launch and test, so we appreciate your help in getting your listing(s) perfect.

We have made a start but together we can finish them and send you clients, as we have the other bootcamps and retreats.