Water workouts

Water workouts

Water workouts – a new trend for 2017 and something many boot camps offer. Look for those with a pool and aqua sessions!

You’ve heard of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)? It forms the backbone to most boot camps as it allows you to do short sharp and highly effective fitness sessions whilst lessening impact on your body.

Well in 2017 HIIT is no longer strictly land-based – in 2017, swimming takes a high-velocity turn with many and varied water workouts. They feel like fun but work your body. Water’s continuous resistance forces you to engage more muscle fibers through a larger range of motion.

Bootcamps offer a range of sessions in their pools – from circuit class in the pool that involves timed sprints, lengths that isolate your top or bottom half and aquajogging to finishing just out of the water with a plank by the side of the pool! Ouch.

You could also try a spin class that takes place underwater and eats up 800 calories per class.

How about this acquapole equipment? Looks tough!

In the UK some gyms are now offering a spin on the world-famous Insanity workout: doing a session in the water! The drag of the water adds resistance to the hard cardio, whittling the body into a lithe powerhouse.

Try it before you come on boot camp with these aqua water workouts in Fitness Magazine.