Claire Powell stunning weight loss boot camp

Weight loss boot camp

Peter Andre’s manager has just returned from a new weight loss boot camp that focusses not just on the body but has an Unconscious Mind Therapist on site to help make huge changes in mindset.

And it worked wonders for her!

“I was so worried as I pulled into the gates of Body and Mind Camp as I had never done a boot camp before, but I went into a beautiful house and felt so relaxed. Everyone was so friendly and helpful.

The training was hard but fun and I achieved more than I ever imagined.

This boot camp is unique because it deals with your Unconscious Mind (UMT). I became more positive, more confident and wanted to push and try harder. I was taught to see the person I want to be in the future, how to portion control my food and not to restrict anything.

The results? I lost an amazing 12lbs in one week, my blood pressure came down, I lost 4 inches off my waist and 3 % body fat.” 

This boot camp was run from a stunning stately home in Northumberland and the next one will be at the opposite end of the country, at a 5 star estate in Sussex. Don’t miss it, this new bootcamp has had rave reviews in the press.

We have special prices available for the next dates at this boot camp on 25th July. One week from £1000 or join for a weekend Friday to Sunday pm.